Lauren Jones

Hi, my name is Lauren! I am a qualified English teacher and have 8 years experience teaching in a local secondary school. Although I have always tutored alongside classroom teaching, I now focus solely on tutoring as I have two young children. My tutees range from KS2 to KS5 and I tutor both online and in person. Online tutoring has allowed me to teach all over the word and I’ve even taught lessons with over 300 students taking part! My favourite aspect of English to teach is Creative Writing; tapping into a student’s imagination and bringing out their creative streak is such a fantastic way to develop their literacy skills!

For me, developing a partnership with my students and helping them grow as young people is the absolute foundation for teaching. I believe it is just as important for them to feel confident and enjoy learning as it is to succeed academically. Working with individual students really allows me to focus on their individual needs and interests. All my lessons are personalised and tailored to each student which makes every lesson different and exciting to teach. My BA Hons in English Literature with Film Studies means I am not afraid to share my passion for films and books. I love to include references to different media in my lessons and make lessons as creative as possible. My favourite book is The Hobbit and I even have a house rabbit named Bilbo!

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