As a teacher who is passionate about education, I have decided to take a step away from the formal education system to set up ‘Mrs Farley’s Tuition’ to promote a love of learning, a drive to problem solve and to encourage resilience and self-confidence. Each child is unique and therefore, I create individualised plans in order to personalise learning. I promise to always be your child’s advocate and to help them to the best of my ability!

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Let's make learning FUN again.

Focused Environment

In order to create a learning environment to suit all different learning styles, I have adapted my cabin to include a ‘cosy corner’ as well as a more formal seating and learning area. Full of educational supplies, manipulatives, games and of course, hot chocolate, my aim is to have everything needed in one place to make our tutoring sessions as fun and easy as possible. Furthermore, for those who need to burn off a little more steam, I also have a large outdoor area, sporting equipment and a range of fiddle toys to allow maximum concentration. All areas are fully cleaned and sanitised following Covid-19 safety measures.

Engaging Lessons

Fun, hands-on experiences make tutoring an enjoyable experience. I am constantly researching new ways to teach the current curriculum and to make each lesson engaging. It is my passion to make learning accessible to all and therefore, how I teach is dependent on the child’s learning style, needs and ability.

Unique Material

The majority of tutoring sessions are delivered 1:1. This enables me to make sure each child has a personalised lesson plan tailored exactly to their needs. In some cases, small group work has been proven to offer many benefits for the students such as: sharing and discussing complex tasks, developing communication skills and reducing anxiety. During group learning, it is my mission to make sure each child still has personalised work and feedback. To me, raising a child’s confidence and self-esteem is the goal and this style of tutoring allows me to do that!

"Learning should be fun and tailored to the child as an individual, NOT a test score!"

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Tailored 1-1 tuition supporting your child's development.

I only offer tailored 1:1 sessions or small, intimate group tutoring sessions. This allows learning to always be personalised, allows children to work in a style and at a pace that is comfortable for them and in turn, this leaves the children feeling confident and boosted in their academic abilities.

We help to equip your child with life long skills such as communication and listening, reasoning and asking questions to encourage them to develop an interest in learning.  In turn, these skills will give them confidence both inside and outside of the classroom to help them grow.

It’s widely recognised that children all learn at different paces and in different ways, therefore teachers have adapted different styles to accomodate this.  We provide a blended approach to learning based on your child’s ability, their interest and confidence. We NEVER assume just one way of teaching and ALWAYS put your child first.

All of my Tutors have many years of experience to call upon. They are all current teachers/ tutors and are adept at the most up-to-date learning styles and techniques.

Testimonials from Parents and Students

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